Equestrian Christmas Guide

Equestrian Christmas Guide

The most wonderful time of the year… and maybe the most stressful. The holidays are a wonderful time for family, cheer and fun, but this year’s supply chain issues and global shipping delays are adding to the other usual stresses of the holiday season. Wether you’re worried about finding the perfect gift for everyone, or how you’re going to manage travelling, cooking and riding among the other million things you usually have to do, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the our Equestrian Holiday Guide! Our 5 steps will ensure your holidays are as relaxing and enjoyable as can be: 

1. Gifts 

Wether you celebrate Christmas or need host gifts for a holiday party, chances are you’ll end up with more than a few things on your shopping list this year. Global supply chain issues mean that you may not be able to find certain things that you’re looking for if you haven’t gotten them already, but fear not! If you missed Black Friday and the dozens of deals that came with it, all hope is not lost for your gift list. Here’s what we recommend: 

- Make a list of the rest of the gifts you need for everyone on your list 
- Reach out to the brands/stores to find out what their holiday shipping cut-off dates are (stay tuned for ours as well!) 
- Shop local! Worried about something shipping on time? Shopping local gets you your gift in a matter of minutes, and there are always some type of small business you can support, no matter where you live! 

Don’t forget to budget it all out too! 

2. Travel 

Visiting family over the holidays? Taking a few days away from the barn to spend time with visitors who are coming to you? It’s probably a good idea to mention it to your barn/coach, just in case something happens while you’re away! Having family come to you? A visit to the barn is a great way to spend an afternoon if you’re stuck for ways to entertain! 

3. Food 

My personal favourite part of the holiday season. If you’re a big cooking or baking person, this is probably your favourite part too. If you aren’t, we have a solution. This one is pretty self explanatory, but planning ahead is always your best bet. Coordinate with family to make sure not everyone is bringing dessert (or don’t — you’ll get more dessert ;) ). 

Pro tip: Coaches love baked goods too! 

4. Horsey R&R 

If you’ve booked off any time from work for the holidays, chances are you have a dedicated morning ride in mind. Do it! Don’t feel guilty about not spending every second stressing about the holiday season, you deserve a break, and your pony would love to help you decompress that stress. 

5. Enjoy it! 

The holidays, although sometimes stressful, are supposed to be fun! Kick back, have a good time, and enjoy it! 

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