Making the 2024 Essentials

Making the 2024 Essentials

Did anyone else breathe a sigh of relief the first day the sun set after 7:00pm? We did too. Winter is over, and spring is finally here. With the beginning of spring came the second 2024 CL collection: The 2024 Essentials. The Essentials launched Friday, May 15th, and we were blown away by the response. From customers to retailers, we received tons of messages prior to launch, a bunch of pre-orders and had an amazing launch weekend. We even sold out of one size of the brand new Barn Pant, but how did we get here? Let's take a look. 

Embracing the Trend: The PEACH Baselayer

We won't try to take credit for inspiring Pantone's 2024 Colour of the Year, but we can appreciate a coincidence. When we opened the first box of the PEACH CL Seamless Baselayer in September, we had no idea Pantone would be highlighting the same colour 3 months later. Imagine our delight, but we're not surprised. We chose PEACH because it's warm, it's light, and it's perfect for spring and summer. We can imagine Pantone chose it for the same reasons. Either way, one thing is for sure, it remains true that equestrians seem to stay one step ahead of fashion trends after all.

Let's talk about Barn Pants

This is a hot take: Why are you mucking stalls in your breeches? Breeches are expensive, and we are not trying to dirty them and wash them any more than we need to. This year, we want Barn Pants to change that. The practical alternative for barn work is here. The Barn Pants are designed to be worn at the barn, offering durability and ease of movement for all your daily tasks. We made sure they're super comfortable with a full range of movement, so you can tackle any chore with ease. The finishing touch? Deep pockets big enough to fit even the largest phones, because it is so annoying when pockets are too small. Whether you're mucking stalls, turning out or just lounging around the barn, the Barn Pants are the most comfortable choice you can find.

Classic Crewnecks: A Nod to Equestrian Luxury

What makes a crewneck essential? As we strengthen our commitment to quality, longlasting and ever-fashionable designs, we looked at old fashion trends and what is still popular. In other words, what makes a crewneck design timeless? We had 2 thoughts:

1. What kinds of sweaters get thrifted the most? 
2. What is the equestrian fashion statement?

The answers were simple. When we go thrifting, we're looking for old college sweaters. The vintage, collegiate aesthetic remains as fashionable as ever, ensuring that our crewnecks are wardrobe staples for years to come. The bit design is a different breed. They are a recurring motif in luxury equestrian design. They are seen all over modern luxury brands, most of which were at one point saddleries. We fell in love with how these designs turned out, and in just a week, so have many others. 

Accessorize in Style

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories, and the 2024 Essentials Collection has you covered. The CL Logo Cap is a summer essential, providing shade on those sunny days. The Essentials come with another colour added to the CL Patch Beanie family, making it the third addition to that group this year. The coolest accessory we're brining to the table? Black Shine Sponges are so much cuter than yellow, are more practical to not immediately get stained by conditioner, and come in the perfect-sized container to stay clean when not in use. Talk about a win-win-win. 

In Conclusion

We're in love with the 2024 Essentials Collection, and we hope you are too. Up next for CL: local barn parties, show season preparation and putting the finishing touches on the Summer Collection, including a few new highly requested pieces. 

Okay fine, here's a hint: we're very excited for show season. 😜

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