About Us

CL Equestrian Apparel was founded in May of 2020, after Catherine, the owner, was tired of paying a premium on equestrian apparel. With the mission to create affordable and fashionable apparel for equestrians in mind, paired with the search for a creative outlet, CL Equestrian Apparel was born. We specialize in apparel with English discipline themes, meaning we have something for every hunter, jumper, eventer, dressage rider and equitation competitor! After 2 years in business, we now offer a wide line of athletic apparel in addition to our crewnecks and accessories. We've also had the opportunity to attend some horse shows in Ontario, and you can find us at many of the shows at Wesley Clover Parks this year. 

We are committed to releasing 6 releases per year, including 4 seasonal collections (8 items each) and 2 edits (4 items each), with the occasional special product release in between.  

Product Release Schedule 2022: 

Collection  Release Date 
Winter Collection  January 14th @ 10am EST

Elements Collection 

February 25th @ 10am EST 

Spring Collection 

April 8th @ 10am EST 

Summer Collection 

June 3rd @ 4pm EST 

EQ Edit 

To be announced 

Fall Collection 

To be announced 

Holiday Edit 

To be announced