The 4 Pillars of CL Equestrian Apparel: Affordability, Inclusivity, Comfort, and Style

The 4 Pillars of CL Equestrian Apparel: Affordability, Inclusivity, Comfort, and Style

At CL Equestrian Apparel, we believe that every rider deserves high-quality gear that not only fits their budget but also reflects their unique style. We understand that the equestrian community is diverse and inclusive, encompassing riders of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. That's why we have built our brand on four pillars: affordability, inclusivity, comfort, and style. Join us as we delve into each pillar and discover how CL Equestrian Apparel stands out from the crowd.



We understand that horses are already a significant investment, which is why we believe that quality equestrian apparel should be affordable. CL Equestrian Apparel offers accessible prices that won't break the bank. Our commitment to affordability means that riders can enjoy high-quality gear without compromising on style or functionality. We strive to make equestrian apparel accessible to riders at all levels, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of riding without additional financial barriers, because let's be real - horses are expensive enough already! 


Designed with the rider in mind, comfort is at the forefront of our design process. We know that all the hours spent in the saddle requires apparel that offers the comfort and functionality to match the commitment. CL Equestrian Apparel is meticulously designed with the rider in mind, prioritizing function, mobility, and breathability. Our apparel is made from sporty fabrics that provide the appropriate function for each activity, ensuring riders stay cool and dry during intense training sessions or competitions. We incorporate stretchy materials for ease of movement, breathable materials for athletics and cozy fits for warm sweaters. 


Blending equestrian and fashion trends riders want to feel confident and stylish in the ring, which is why we draw inspiration from both the equestrian industry and mainstream fashion. Our collections are thoughtfully curated, reflecting the latest trends and modern touches. From the classic, timeless pieces of the hunter ring to the bold, contemporary styles from the modern rider, we offer a wide range of options to suit every rider's personal style. We believe that equestrian apparel should be as unique as the rider wearing it, allowing them to express their personality while maintaining a professional and polished look.


Inclusivity in the equestrian world extends to all sorts of aspects, from gender and race to riding discipline. We are proud to embrace the diversity of the equestrian community by providing gear that caters to all riders, period. While not everything is for everyone, we are determined to have at least something for anyone. Embracing every rider's unique shape and size at CL Equestrian Apparel, we celebrate diversity by offering inclusive sizing ranges. Our commitment to inclusivity means that riders can find the perfect fit, regardless of their body type. From extra small to 5XL, we provide a broad range of sizes, and we're even ready to accommodate special requests. Our collections include tighter, form fitting options and looser, unisex options alike, ensuring that riders of all body types have options that are suitable for their comfort level. We firmly believe that equestrian apparel should be accessible to all riders, empowering them to ride confidently and comfortably. Whether you ride dressage, show jumping, or eventing, we have the perfect apparel to meet your specific needs. 

CL Equestrian Apparel stands tall on its four pillars of affordability, inclusivity, comfort, and style. We are committed to providing riders with high-quality gear that not only fits their budget but also makes them feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in and out of the saddle. With our inclusive sizing options, competitive pricing, thoughtful design, and on-trend collections, CL Equestrian Apparel is the go-to brand for riders who want to ride with flair and passion. Experience the difference today

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