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  • Equestrian Christmas Guide

    The most wonderful time of the year… and maybe the most stressful. The holidays are a wonderful time for family, cheer and fun, but this year’s sup...
  • Equestrian Time Management

    The hardest part of balancing work, school, horses and life is deciding what comes first, and there's no right answer. Everyone has their own priorities, and different people place different levels of importance on the different aspects of their lives. You might skip the girls' weekend getaway for a local schooling show, and your barn friend might never even dream of missing Friday night drinks for a lesson. It's important to realize that while we're all trying to find balance in our lives, that balance doesn't look the same to everyone, and that's okay! 
  • Horse Show Anxiety and How to Deal With It

    In our August blog post, we talk about horse show anxiety, how to overcome it, and some tips from a long time competitor!
  • Beat the Heat at the Barn this Summer!

    How do you stay cool on those hot summer barn days? Ever wonder what the best colours to wear in the heat are? Hint - it's not just white! We asked a few equestrians how they keep themselves and their horse's cool in the heat, and here's what they had to say.